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LED Badminton Court Lighting

CREE/Bridgelux chips, PC Lens, Special Pure Aluminum, 304/316 Stainless Steel,
Meanwell power supply, 1700-10000K optional,  15,25, 40,60, 90, 120 degree.
  • 1700-10000K

  • 100-1500W

  • Input 100-305V AC

  • 15,25,40,60,90,120degree

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LED badminton court lighting


● USA original Cree COB chips & in-built Meanwell drivers.
● Precise optical lighting system & Anti-glare lighting design system, 95% high efficiency.
● Optical PC lens and leds 100% match to make the light more focused, reducing light loss.
● Special thermal system to increase heat dissipation and extend lifespan.
● Low flicker rate <0.2%, suitable for different kinds of HDTV broadcasting.

● 5-10 times brighter than conventional LED lamps, 500W OAK LED can directly 1000W-1500W MH/Halogen lamps.



MN Power

Beam Angle



OAK-FL-100W-Smart 100 318x255x70 170lm/w

15, 25, 40,
60, 90, 120



OAK-FL-150W-Smart 150 318x320x70
OAK-FL-200W-Smart 200 418x320x70
OAK-FL-300W-Smart 300 468x436x70
OAK-FL-400W-Smart 400 568x436x70
OAK-FL-500W-Smart 500 568x501x70
OAK-FL-600W-Smart 600 568x566x70
OAK-FL-720W-Smart 720 668x566x70
OAK-FL-800W-Smart 800 668x631x70
OAK-FL-1000W-Smart 1000 718x696x70

With the continuous development of badminton, the mass base of badminton is also increasing, accompanied by the continuous increase of badminton venues. For the construction of the site, lighting equipment is an essential facility. A good LED badminton court lighting environment can provide clear visual effects for athletes and spectators. And it can also directly affect the popularity of the court.

First of all, you need to consider the brightness of LED badminton court lighting. Badminton is a high-speed sport, so LED badminton court lighting needs to be bright enough to ensure that players can clearly see the path of the ball.

Secondly, you need to consider the color temperature of led lights for indoor badminton court. A higher color temperature can provide clearer visual effects, allowing players to better distinguish the color and trajectory of the ball.

In addition, the anti-glare properties of led lights for indoor badminton court are also very important to prevent athletes from losing their field of vision due to strong glare during the game.

OAKLED’s led lights for indoor badminton court can be customized according to different courts. outdoor badminton court lighting has the characteristics of anti-glare, no glare, no flicker, high color rendering, good comfort, energy saving and durability. And the outdoor badminton court lighting uses high-quality aluminum to make the lamp body, and unique heat dissipation technology ensures excellent heat dissipation effect. The light source of OAKLED's outdoor badminton court lighting adopts internationally renowned brand LED light sources. It has high brightness and comfortable light color. So that it can ensure the lighting effect of the court.

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