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LED Street Lights VC Series

200lm/w light source, entire lamp 160lm/w
Input 100-305V AC, 249-528 V AC available
Meanwell driver
Up to 100,000 hours lifespan
0-10V / PWM / DALI /DMX/ Light sensor available, 5 years warranty
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  • 1700-10000K

  • 50W, 100W, 150W, 200W

  • Input 100-305V AC, 249-528 V AC available

  • T2/T3/T4

LED Street Lights VC Series


200lm/w light source, entire lamp 160lm/w

Input 100-305V AC, 249-528 V AC available
The best power supply Meanwell adapted
Up to 100,000 hours lifespan
0-10V / PWM / DALI /DMX/ Light sensor available 5 years warranty


Model No. Power Light Efficiency  Luminous Lux
Chips Beam Angle Color Temperature  Working Voltage
1 OAK-ST50-VC02 50W 160lm/W 8,000lm 3030 64pcs 150x75 1700-10,000K 100-305V AC
2 OAK-ST100-VC02 100W 160lm/W 16,000lm 3030 128pcs
150x75 1700-10,000K
100-305V AC
3 OAK-ST150-VC02 150W 160lm/W 24,000lm 3030 192pcs 150x75 1700-10,000K 100-305V AC
4 OAK-ST200-VC02 200W 160lm/W 32,000lm 3030 256pcs 150x75 1700-10,000K 100-305V AC
5 OAK-ST250-VC02 250W 160lm/W 40,000lm
3030 320pcs 150x75 1700-10,000K 100-305V AC
6 OAK-ST300-VC02 300W 160lm/W 48,000lm 3030 384pcs 150x75 1700-10,000K 100-305V AC

Lighting experts said: "The adoption rate of LED may have tripled in the past two years." "Due to the use of LED lamps, the quality of light has been significantly improved, and the cost savings are also quite significant."

LED street lights have three major advantages:

First, the light emitted by well-designed LED street lights is clear, controllable and beautiful. Precisely designed optics in LED fixtures ensure that light hits where it belongs, meaning less light is wasted. Generally, 100 watt LED street lights are used on roads.

Second, LED lamps have lower maintenance costs and lower energy consumption. Since most street lights are owned and operated by utility companies, using LEDs can reduce energy consumption by approximately 40%. Basically, a 100 watt street light can meet the lighting needs of the road. Meanwhile, the more important savings are in maintenance. Because their lumen output decreases, high-pressure sodium lamps must be replaced at least every five years. Since the life of LED lamps is three to four times longer than HID, the cost savings of individual maintenance will be very large. OAK LED's 100 watt street light will be the best choice for road lighting.

Third, decorative LED street lighting is growing. As technology improves and manufacturing costs decrease, lighting manufacturers are able to offer a wider range of decorative lighting options, which can mimic the lighting designs of old-fashioned gas lamps and more, with great aesthetic advantages.

A few years ago, LED lamps accounted for only a small part of the road lighting market. The high cost of LEDs compared to HID lights makes the switch difficult for most towns. But today, as LED lighting technology advances and prices fall, the pace of LED adoption is accelerating.

OAK LED Street Lights

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