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LED Street Lights VE Series

  • High luminous efficiency of original LED chips at 210lm/w, and the luminous efficiency of whole lamp can reach up to 160lm/w.
  • 200W OAK LED Street Light is ideal for replacing 400W-1000W HPS/MH/HID lamps.
  • Available to support Dust-to-Dawn photocell sensor option, Microwave motion sensor and dimmable option.
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  • 1700K-10,000K

  • 30W-300W

  • AC 100-305V

  • 140×70 degree

LED Street Lights VE Series

  • High Brightness 210lm/w LEDs: Adopting imported Bridgelux 3030 LEDs in 210lm/w with moisture and waterproof feature, and the whole lamp's luminous efficiency can reach up to 160lm/w to provide excellent lumen output and meet different illumination of large area lighting range.

  • High Waterproof Driver: Using high performance Meanwell power supply to maintain great luminaire stability, lifespan and optimal performance status.

  • High Strength Aluminum Housing: The lamp shell of 200 Watt LED Street Light are made of strict thickened die-casting aluminum, and its high hardness can protect the lamps from damage by impact.

  • High Transmittance PC Lens: Utilizing high transmittance PC mask can lower the loss of light efficiency and make the light transmission rate of more than 90%. The PC lens features impact resistance, explosion-proof pressure resistance and high temperature resistance, perfectly achieving the best illumination distribution.

  • Remarkable Heat Dissipation: The unique design with powerful thermal output can effectively protect the light source and longer service lifespan.

  • Providing Dust-to-Dawn photocell sensor, Microwave motion sensor and dimming options to meet different illumination needs.

  • 200 Watt LED Street Light is ideal for replacing 400W-1000W HPS/MH/HID lamps.

  • Waterproof IP65 protection, adapted to various harsh environment.

  • Lifespan over 50,000hrs, 5 years warranty.

LED Street Lights VE Series

Product Parameter

Available to provide high waterproof 30 Watt-200 Watt LED Street Lights for various lighting projects.

High Luminous Efficiency OAK LED Street Lights VE Series
Model No. OAK-ST30-VE01 OAK-ST50-VE01 OAK-ST100-VE01 OAK-ST150-VE01 OAK-ST200-VE01 OAK-ST250-VE01 OAK-ST300-VE01
Lamp Power 30W 50W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W
LED Type/LEDs QTY 3030 SMD LEDs/64pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/96pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/144pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/240pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/320pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/320pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/480pcs
Luminous Flux 4,800lm 8,000lm 16,000lm 24,000lm 32,000lm 40,000lm 48,000lm
Irradiation Range Height: 4-6m

Effective Coverage Area: 30-50m2

Height: 6-8m

Effective Coverage Area: 50-60m2

Height: 8-10m

Effective Coverage Area: 60-80m2

Height: 10-15m

Effective Coverage Area: 80-100m2

Height: 15-17m

Effective Coverage Area: 100-120m2

Height: 17-20m

Effective Coverage Area: 120-150m2

LED Source 210lm/w 3030 SMD LEDs
Luminous Efficiency 160lm/w (The whole lamp)
Power Supply Waterproof Meanwell driver
Beam Angle 140×70°
Color Temperature 1,700K-10,000K (for option)
Housing Material Die-cast aluminum+tempered glass
Lamp Color Grey
Power Factor ≥0.9
CRI ≥70Ra
Waterproof Rate IP65
Dimming Option Available to provide photocell sensor, dimming
Working Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Lifetime ≥50,000 hours
OAK LED can provide the customized lighting solution and recommend suitable LED Street Lights for your projects

LED Street Lights VE Series

Project Reference

200 Watt LED Street Lights are mainly applied in car parking lot, highway, major roadway, pathway, crossroad, sidewalk, bridge, toll station, airport, seaport, pier, plaza, garden, block, courtyard and other outdoor lighting projects.

LED Street Lights VE Series

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