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Golf Course Lights

LED Golf Course Lights. Using CREE original COB LED Chips from USA. Build-in Meanwell/Inventronics Drivers. High flux efficiency 170lm/w, 100-305Vac or 277-480Vac input. Optional beam angle of 15, 25, 40, 60, 90, 120 degree for golf course poles. Multi-angle lighting design for higher lighting uniformity. IP67 waterproof protection. 720W can replace 2000W MH/HPS directly. DMX, DALI, PWM dimming available.
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  • 1700-10000K

  • 100W~2000W

  • AC 100~305V or 277~480V

  • 15°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°

Golf Course Lights

Playing golf at night, there must be enough illumination of the lighting, which put forward quite high requirements for the golf course lighting. Golf course lighting requirements are different from other sports lighting, need to consider the different lighting detailes with other sports. Golf course area is very large, many times larger than other sports fields, and is divided into many fairways. In the golf courses of seventy-two standard par, there has eighteen fairways, eighteen holes. in addition, the direction of the fairway is basically unidirectional, adjacent fairways more than a single direction, and the fairway terrain changes in a variety of ways, high and low, ups and downs, so positions of light poles, the type of golf course lights and the direction of light, etc., is obviously different from other sports fields.

Golf is an outdoor sports of full use of space, people walking on the grass, the ball in the 10220m space flight. When consider the course lighting, not only to take into account the lighting level when the golfer walking on the lawn, but also to make lighting level at the upper space of the field as uniform as possible, and will not make the ball dim. Most using floodlighting with one or more golf course lights, lighting course from multiple directions, so that the lighting is soft that can meet the visual requirements of the players.

Descriptions of OAK Golf Course Lights:

  • Using CREE Original or Bridgelux COB LED Chips, Build-in Meanwell/Inventronics power supply.

  • High luminous efficiency 170lm/w, 100-305Vac or 277-480Vac input.

  • TIR PC optical lens and COB chips 100% match, high luminousness up to 96%.

  • Optional bean angle 15, 25, 40, 60, 90, 120 degree, Multi-angle in lighting simulation for best uniformity.

  • Maximum ground lighting efficiency, reducing light loss and saving quantity of fixtures.

  • 500W LED golf lights can replace 1500W~2000W MH/HPS lamps, up to 75% energy saving.

  • Innovative thermal management system, groove & raised fins with 30% higher heat dissipation efficiency.

  • Aluminum 6063 series for housing, with oxydation treatment, anti-corrosion & anti-fade.

  • Long lifetime >100,000 hours, still retain 50% brightness.

  • IP67 waterproof for outdoor & indoor using, 5 years warranty.


Technical Parameters and Detailes:






Beam Angle







15, 25, 40,
60, 90, 120































How to set the golf course lighting?

In the golf course, a hole is mainly composed of three parts: tees, fairways and greens . The fairway includes bunkers, ponds, bridges, slopes, hills, long grass and cart paths. Due to the different design styles of each course, the layout of these parts in the course is also different.

The TEE is the primary area, the lighting should let the left-handed or right-handed golfer can see the ball and the end of the tee, does not hinder the ball. Horizontal illumination is generally required to reach 100 ~ 150lx, using wider beam angle floodlights from two directions mainly for lighting, that can avoid the ball, the club or the player's shadow falls on the ball or the direction of the ball to affect the vision of the player.

When installing, install the light pole at the back edge of the tee at least 115 meters. For a large area of the tee is required to multi-directional lighting. The tee lighting installation height should be greater than or equal to half of the total length of the tee, but at least not less than 9 m. After the installation practice shows that increasing the installation height will be very effective in improving the lighting effect of the tee, such as 14 m of the lighting pole, the effect of the lighting is much better than with 9 m of the low pole.

golf tee lighting

About the FAIRWAY part, its width is according to the hole design of the hitting difficulty and change, the range of 32 ~ 55m between, the average width of about 41m. The lighting design of the fairway is to consider using narrow beam angle golf course lights for tracking lighting from both sides to ensure sufficient vertical illumination. The horizontal illumination of the fairway required to reach 80 ~ 100lx, vertical illumination is required to reach 100 ~ 150lx, and in any vertical plane, vertical illumination and the minimum illumination ratio should not be greater than 7:1. When the ball to 100km ö h or higher speed, the fairway of the vertical illumination should be enough to enable the player to see the entire flight of the ball, until it sees the ball drop point.

For this reason, the spacing of the light poles need to be selected according to the light distribution characteristics of the lamps, as well as the light poles located in the terrain for comprehensive consideration. Lamp installation height of the minimum value of 11m from the base of the pole, as much as possible installed in the ball drop area or fairway bend, thus reducing the number of lamps and lanterns and poles, saving investment; if the pole is located in a special terrain, the installation of the height should be considered accordingly increase or decrease. Therefore, in order to reduce the impact of the terrain, light poles are generally installed along the ball lane or in the higher zone.

In another part of the fairway, such as the field obstacle area, bunker ponds, small bridges, etc., should also consider appropriate lighting illumination of between 30 ~ 75lx. It can ensure that the golfer hit the ball to these areas, but also can be smooth to hit the ball again.

golf fairway

The GREEN, as the end of the hole, the terrain is generally higher than the fairway, so it's illumination level required is very high, generally required 200 ~ 250lx. and the maximum illumination level and the minimum illumination level ratio is not greater than 3:1. As the ball player needs to be in all directions on the green to putt the ball to the hole, so the green area lighting at least need 2 directions of irradiation to minimize shadows. Golf lighting fixtures installed in front of the green area within the 40 degree shadow area, and the distance between the lights is less than or equal to three times the height of the lamp, the light effect will be better.

When setting the position of the light pole, should consider  that the light does not create glare for golfers on this or other fairways. There are direct glare, reflected glare, and glare formed by extremely high brightness contrast. For golf course lighting, the direction of light is basically set in the same direction of the ball hitting. Due to the two fairways in the opposite direction of the ball hitting, those lights in adjacent  fairway will hit the ball player to produce a strong glare, which is the direct glare. The direct glare is very strong against the dark background of the night sky and causes discomfort to golfers. Therefore, it is important to minimize the effect of glare when setting up golf course lights on adjacent fairways. When the installation height of glof course led lights is >11 meters, it can effectively control the glare for the court.

golf course lighting 3

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