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LED Street Lights VF Series

  • High brightness Bridgelux 3030 LED beads, high color rendering and long lifespan.
  • Aluminum profile radiator for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Module design, multi-precise treatment process, IP65 waterproof grade, suitable for outdoor parking lots, highways, main roadways, squares, etc.
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  • 1700K-10,000K

  • 50W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W

  • AC 100-305V

  • 140×70 degree

LED Street Lights VF Series

  • Bright LED lamp beads: The whole LED Street Lights use high brightness Bridgelux 3030 LED beads to achieve high uniform illumination, high color rendering and long service life. The LED beads' luminous efficiency up to 210lm/w, and the whole lamp's luminous efficiency reaching more than 160lm/w.

  • Die-cast aluminum housing: The aluminum material manufactured with integrated lamp body stripes achieve faster heat dissipation. The surface polishing and modern anti-corrosion UV spraying process prevent the lamps from oxidation and rust, as well as become more durable, suitable for different indoor and outdoor lighting engineering.

  • Convection heat dissipation design: Using excellent convection heat dissipation design to conduct the heat of LED beads, increase wide exposure range, accelerate heat dissipation and extend long service life.

  • Smart remote control: Providing a variety of intelligent remote control mode such as photocell, PIR, motion sensor for option.

  • IP65 Waterproof and lightning protection: The accessories of LED street lights are made of waterproof materials, passing IP65 professional test and meeting the needs of outdoor use.

  • Multiple installation options: 300 Watt LED Street Lights are suitable for a variety of installation sites such as highways, main roadways, parking lots, outdoor courtyards, porches, etc.

  • Adjustable installation filling diameter 60mm: International standard street light diameter 60mm, suitable for maintenance of different light pole calibers.

  • 300 Watt LED Street Light is an perfect replacement of traditional HID, Halogen, Metal Halide Lamps in outdoor public road lighting projects.

  • Lifespan over 50,000hrs, 5 years warranty.


Product Parameter

Available to provide high waterproof 50 Watt-300 Watt LED Street Lights for various lighting projects.

High Brightness OAK LED Street Lights VF Series
Model No. OAK-ST50-VF02 OAK-ST100-VF02 OAK-ST150-VF02 OAK-ST200-VF02 OAK-ST250-VF02 OAK-ST300-VF02
Lamp Power
50W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W
LED Type/LEDs QTY 3030 SMD LEDs/64pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/128pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/192pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/256pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/320pcs 3030 SMD LEDs/384pcs
Luminous Flux 8,000lm 16,000lm 24,000lm 32,000lm 40,000lm 48,000lm
Effective Coverage Area Pole Height: 5-6m

Coverage area: 45-60m2

Pole Height: 7-9m

Coverage area: 70-90m2

Pole Height: 11-12m

Coverage area: 100-130m2

Pole Height: 13-15m

Coverage area: 150-180m2

Pole Height: 13-15m

Coverage area: 150-200m2

Pole Height: 13-15m

Coverage area: 150-250m2

LED Source 210lm/w (3030 SMD LEDs)
Luminous Efficiency 160lm/w  (the whole lamp)
Power Supply Waterproof Meanwell driver
Beam Angle 140×70°
Color Temperature 1,700K-10,000K (for option)
Housing Material Die-Cast Aluminum+PC lens
Lamp Color Black
Power Factor ≥90%
CRI ≥Ra70
Waterproof Rate IP65
Dimming Option Available to provide photocell motion sensor, dimming function
Working Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Lifetime ≥50,000hrs
Warranty 5 Years
OAK LED can provide the customized lighting solution and recommend suitable LED Street Lights for your projects


Project Reference

300 Watt LED Street Lights are mainly applied in car parking lots, highways, main roadways, pathways, crossroads, sidewalks, bridges, airports, seaports, piers, squares, gardens, blocks, courtyards and other exterior lighting projects.


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