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High Power LED Flood Light

  • High luminous efficiency Bridgelux 5050 SMD LEDs with the design of 250W module to produce excellent high power LED flood lights.
  • The completed lighting fixtures produced with die-casting aluminum alloy feature a robust body, light weight and good heat dissipation.
  • Widely used for various sport fields, seaports, airports, parking lots, highways, factories, etc. places.
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  • 1700K-10,000K

  • 250W-2000W

  • AC 100-305V

  • 20, 60, 90degree for option

High Power LED Flood Light

  • OAK LED exterior LED flood lights adopted with high luminous efficiency Bridgelux 5050 SMD LEDs for production, whole lighting fixture's luminous efficiency reaches to 170lm/w.

  • High performance Meanwell power supply with waterproof and moisture-proof feature can work stably in any harsh environment.

  • Made of high quality die-casting aluminum alloy and integration of a variety of processes, the light body is anti-oxidation, rust and equipped with double waterproof function, the whole lamp is waterproof IP65, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

  • The slim designof our SMD LED flood lights can efficiently reduce windage area.

  • The unique thermal design can optimize air duct through air convection, as well as maintain stable heat dissipation performance.

  • Low maintenance rate, lifespan>50,000 hours, 5 years warranty.

  • 100% brightness immediately when exterior LED flood lights switching on.

  • Suitable for different sports fields, highways, major roadways, crossroads, airports, seaports, car parking lots, warehouses, factories, and other occasions.

high power led flood light

Product Parameter

Available to provide 250W-2000W LED Flood Lights with motion sensor and dimmable LED Flood Lights according to different outdoor lighting project.

High Power Exterior LED Flood Lights
Power 250W 500W 720W 1000W 1200W 1500W 2000W
Model No.















Luminous Flux 42,500lm 85,000lm 122,400lm 170,000lm 204,000lm 255,000lm 340,000lm
LED Type/LEDs QTY Bridgelux 5050/96pcs Bridgelux 5050/192pcs Bridgelux 5050/288pcs Bridgelux 5050/384pcs Bridgelux 5050/480pcs Bridgelux 5050/576pcs Bridgelux 5050/768pcs
Luminous Efficiency 170lm/w
Power Supply Meanwell driver
Working Voltage AC 100-305V
Beam Angle 20, 60, 90 degree (for option)
Housing Material Die-Casting Aluminum+PC lens
Color Temperature

1,700K-10,000K (for option)

Waterproof Rate +IP65
Working Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Dimming Options DALI, DMX, Zigbee, PWM

CRI (Ra)

Lifespan >50,000hrs
Warranty 5 Years (Standard), 10 Years (Optional)
Available to provide customized lighting design & manufacturation service

Project Reference

OAK LED flood lights with motion sensor and dimmable LED flood lights can be widely used for large sports fields such as football stadiums, baseball diamonds, super bowls, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf courses, cricket courts, race tracks, etc. 

And can be also applied in large plazas, airports, seaports, car parking lots, warehouses, factories, exhibition halls, tunnels, construction engineerings, commercial and industrial buildings, etc.

high power led flood lighthigh power led flood light

Reasons For Different Occasions Using High Power Exterior LED Flood Lights 

  • Outdoor area lighting: The beam angle and even light distribution of SMD LED Flood Lights with motion sensor and dimmable LED Flood Lights can ensure effective coverage, enhance visibility and security in open spaces such as parking lots, building facades, etc.

  • Sports stadiums and arenas: SMD LED Flood Lights with motion sensor and dimmable LED Flood Lights can deliver high intensity illumination across large areas, ensure optimal visibility for players and spectators, and meet the stringent lighting requirements for sports events.

  • Street and roadway lighting: Because the dimmable LED Flood Lights in SMD type have advantages of energy efficiency and long lifespan, Municipalities and urban planners often choose this type of lamps to provide clear and uniform illumination, enhancing visibility for drivers and pedestrians.

  • Tunnel and underpass lighting: As SMD LED Flood Lights with motion sensor and dimmable LED Flood Lights can provide high uniform illumination in confined spaces, their reliability and low maintenance requirements are crucial for ensuring consistent lighting in transportation infrastructure.

  • Industrial facilities: The dimmable LED Flood Lights in SMD type not only can provide bright and uniform illumination in industrial setting such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, and construction sites, but also their durability, resistance to environmental factors, and ability to operate in a wide temperature range make them suitable for challenging industrial environments.

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