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High Mast LED Flood Light

  • LED chip with appropriate PC lens are selected to achieve better lighting effect and more fashionable appearance.
  • 5-10 times brighter than metal halide/halogen lamps, 1000W High Mast LED Flood Light can directly 2000W-4000W MH/HID/Halogen lamps.
  • IP67 waterproof grade, suitable for highways, major roads, parking lots, airports/seaports, sports fields, etc.
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High Mast LED Flood Light

The high mast lighting is a high pole with the top lighting pointing to the ground. Usually consisting of a ring of LED lamps surrounding to the high pole, this high mast lighting can achieve wide illumination by means of one or several group of luminaires mounted in fixed orientation at the top of a high mast around 15m to 45m.

Because the high mast lighting can provide higher illumination, it is currently the most cost-effective and suitable for illuminating large outdoor areas such as highways, railway yards, parking lots, seaports, airports, sport stadiums, etc.

According to the high mast lighting guidelines, the installation height of the luminaire is usually at least 30m. Generally speaking, 300 to 500 lux is required for entertainment and sports fields, and 50 to 200 lux for airports, seaports and outdoor industrial areas.

Welcome to consult with OAK LED if you need any lighting advice for your high mast lighting project. If knowing your specific requirements, we can give the customized lighting plan, which can help you get the following benefits.

1) Knowing to use the certain number of LED luminaires recommended to achieve perfect illumination effect.

2) Getting high quality and high performance LED luminaires to reduce the related costs like installation costs, maintenance costs, electric charges, etc.

3) Owing a perfect high mast lighting system to create excellent lighting environment.

High Mast LED Flood Light

Product Feature

1. CREE/Bridgelux COB LED Chips from USA original, high performance waterproof Meanwell power supply.

2. Precise optical lighting system & Anti-glare design system, high light transmittance up to 95%.

3. The Lamp shell made of aviation aluminum with multi-precise treatment process featuring the High Mast LED Flood Light more sturdy and durable.

4. Special heat dissipation design achieving to increase thermal area, high efficiently conduct heat of the inside LED beads, and extend the service life.

5. 5-10 times brighter than conventional lamps, 1000W OAK LED High Mast Light is equivalent to 2000W-4000W metal halide/halogen lamps.

6. Different dimming options like DALI, DMX, PWM, Zigbee dimming and motion sensors to meet different lighting projects’ needs.

7. 100% brightness immediately when OAK LED High Mast LED Flood Lights switching on.

High Mast LED Flood Light

Product Parameter

Available to manufacture 100W-2000W High Mast LED Flood Lights according to different lighting projects.

High Brightness OAK LED High Mast LED Flood Lights 
Power 100W 150W 200W 300W 400W 500W 600W
720W 1000W
Model No. OAK-FL-100W OAK-FL-150W OAK-FL-200W OAK-FL-300W OAK-FL-400W OAK-FL-500W OAK-FL-600W OAK-FL-720W OAK-FL-1000W
Luminous Flux 17,000lm 22,500lm 34,000lm 51,000lm 68,000lm 85,000lm 102,000lm 122,400lm 170,000lm
Reference Replacement 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W 250W-400W
LED Type Cree/Bridgelux COB LEDs
Luminous Efficiency 170lm/w
Power Supply Meanwell driver
Working Voltage AC 100-305V
Beam Angle 15, 25, 40, 60, 90, 120 degree (for option)
Housing Material Aluminum+PC lens
Color Temperature 2700K-6500K (CREE), 1,700K-10,000K (Bridgelux)
Waterproof Rate IP67
Working Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Dimming Options DALI, DMX, Zigbee, PWM
Power Factor
Lifespan >100,000hrs
Warranty 5 Years (Standard), 10 Years (Optional)
Available to provide customized lighting design & manufacturation service

Project Reference

High Mast LED Flood Lights are mainly used in large spaces such as airports, seaports, major roadways, highways, sports stadiums, railway yards, car parking lots, bridges, gardens, tunnels, etc.

OAK LED can make the best lighting solution and competitive lamp offer according to various outdoor and indoor lighting projects. 

High Mast LED Flood Light

High Mast LED Flood Light

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