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LED Street Lights

  • Professional Manufacturer of 60W-320W Outdoor LED Street Lights.
  • High lumen USA original Cree/Bridgelux COB LEDs for manufacturing complete LED street lighting fixtures.
  • 100% customized for different pole distance and pole, optionally covering 15m-70m pole distance.
  • 5-10 time brighter than traditional street lights, 100W OAK LED Street Lights can directly replace 250W-400W metal halide lamps.
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  • 1,700K-10,000K

  • 60W-320W

  • AC 100-305V

  • Combo Beam Angle

LED Street Lights

  • Adopting Cree/Bridgelux COB LEDs to provide excellent lumen output and long lasting stability.

  • Utilizing Meanwell power supply to maintain great luminaire stability, lifespan and optimal performance status.

  • Using optical grade PC lens to maximize the light reach the place required, causing no darkness between each light pole.

  • Anti-glare lighting system designed for providing better lighting environment, keeping high uniformity on ground.

  • 100% customized for different pole distance and pole height, our Outdoor LED Street Lights can optionally cover 15m-70m pole distance.

  • Unique curved surface design showing its high wind resistance, suitable for different storm, typhoon and harsh working environment.

  • Excellent heat dissipation design can conduct huge heat to outside, keeping LED chips in a better temperature environment, extending the luminaire lifespan.

  • Waterproof IP67 protection, suitable for different highways, crossroads, toll station, parking lots, airports, seaports, etc. occasions.

  • 100% brightness immediately when Outdoor LED Street Lights switching on.

  • Supporting DALI, DMX, Zigbee, PWM dimming system, easily achieve the smart remote control.

Outdoor LED Street Lights

Outdoor LED Street Lights

Product Parameters

Available to manufacture and provide 60W-320W Outdoor LED Street Lights, Highway LED Street Lights for various lighting engineerings.

High Lumen OAK LED Street Lights
Power 60W 80W 90W 120W 150W 200W 240W
Light Cover 10-20m 10-20m 10-20m 10-40m 10-50m 10-50m 10-70m 10-70m
LED Type Cree/Bridgelux COB LEDs 
Luminous Efficiency 170lm/w
Power Supply Meanwell driver
Working Voltage AC 100-305V, 50~60Hz
Housing Material Aluminum+PC lens
Color Temperature 2700K-6500K (CREE), 1,700K-10,000K (Bridgelux)
Waterproof Rate IP67
Working Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Dimming Options DALI, DMX, Zigbee, PWM 
Power Factor ≥0.95
Lifespan >100,000hrs
Warranty 5 Years (Standard), 10 Years (Optional)

Outdoor LED Street Lights

Outdoor LED Street Lights

Project References

OAK LED Street Lights are widely used for highways, main roadways, crossroads, sidewalks, car parking lots, country roads, pedestrian streets, toll stations, bridges, gardens, blocks and other outdoor occasions.

Outdoor LED Street LightsOutdoor LED Street Lights

Recommended Illumination Levels For Various Exterior Occasions

  • Parking Lots: Illumination levels for parking lots should have an average illumination level of 22lux for LADOT open parking lots and uniformity ratio of 3:1.

  • Mid-Block Crosswalks: Crosswalks traversing roadways in the middle of blocks without signalization should be provided with additional illumination. The average illumination level in the crosswalk area is at least 34lx, which requires that illumination at the intersection of two major streets should be equal. And the uniformity ratio should be less than 3:1.

  • Railroad Crossings: Illumination level over track area, starting 30 meters before the crossing and ending 30 meters beyond the crossing must more than 9lux. And the uniformity ratio should be less than 4:1.

  • Tunnel: The main objective in tunnel lighting design is to provide a lighting system for a given tunnel meets the visibility requirements for day and night conditions. Different areas of tunnel requires its different illumination level accordingly.

  • Bus Stop Facilities: Illumination levels over a bus stop area should have an average illumination level of 25lux with uniformity ratio of 3:1.

  • Around Public Facilities (i.e. such as schools, parks, recreation centers, etc): Illumination level for these surrounding roads should be considered as medium pedestrian conflict, which depends on the actual illumination purpose accordingly. The uniformity ratio should be less 3:1.

  • Bike-ways: Minimum average horizontal illumination bike-ways (Class I) with high pedestrian conflict areas is about 10lux with uniformity ratio of 4:1.

  • Stairways: Minimum average illumination level for stairways with low pedestrian conflict areas on a medium density residential is about 4lux with uniformity ratio of 4:1.

Welcome to consult with OAK LED if you need any help for your road street lighting project.

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