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LED Race Track Lights

CREE/Bridgelux chip; Meanwell driver; IP67; LED source 235lm/W; 100W-1500W optional; color temperature1700-10000K
  • 1700-10000K

  • 50-1500W

  • 90-305V AC, 12V/24V/48V DC

  • 15,25,40,60,90,120degree

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LED race track lights

MN Power

Beam Angle



OAK-FL-100W-Smart 100 318x255x70 170lm/w

15, 25, 40,
60, 90, 120



OAK-FL-150W-Smart 150 318x320x70
OAK-FL-200W-Smart 200 418x320x70
OAK-FL-300W-Smart 300 468x436x70
OAK-FL-400W-Smart 400 568x436x70
OAK-FL-500W-Smart 500 568x501x70
OAK-FL-600W-Smart 600 568x566x70
OAK-FL-720W-Smart 720 668x566x70
OAK-FL-800W-Smart 800 668x631x70
OAK-FL-1000W-Smart 1000 718x696x70

Nowadays, the lighting of stadiums around the world is slowly changing from conventional halogen lamps to LED lamps. However, many track lighting still uses old halogen lamps. These conventional lamps have a large light attenuation and their brightness drops after a certain period of time. As a result, the view of the track looks dark, which seriously affects the progress of competitions or entertainment.

A good lighting environment is one of the necessary conditions for a racing venue to provide a professional competition venue.

Some clubs have begun planning to replace conventional lighting fixtures with LED race track lights. The replacement of LED race track lights can greatly improve the field of vision brightness of the racing venue and give racers an excellent racing environment. Video shooting during the game can also restore the scene situation more clearly.

An excellent lighting environment which using LED race track lights can attract more customers.

In addition to professional racing competitions, the racing track also transforms into a leisure and entertainment venue. I believe we can feel the importance of lighting to business when we go shopping. We won’t go into a store with dim lighting, but are attracted to stores with relatively bright lighting. If the store lighting can highlight the advantages of the store decoration, it will attract more customers to visit. Similarly, many people who are interested in racing will be affected by the lighting of the racing track and choose this racing track to carry out their racing hobby.

Therefore, using LED race track lights to improve the brightness will only be good for the field.

LED race track lightsLED race track lights

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