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Outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights

Outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights. Using Original CREE/Bridgelux led chips and Meanwell Driver. Precise optical lighting system. 170lm/w high flux efficiency. Maximum ground lighting efficiency. Anti-glare system for player and spectators. No spill light design for neightbour. High tech thermal managemenr system. 300W can replace 1000W MH/HPS lamps directly. 100,000hous lifetime and 5 years warranty.
  • 1700-10000K

  • 100W~2000W

  • AC 100~305V or 277~480V

  • 15°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°

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Outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights

Hockey rink is an outdoor or indoor playing area used for the sport of ice hockey. It is a rectangular area with specific dimensions and markings, designed to accommodate the game. The rink is typically enclosed by boards or barriers to keep the puck and players within the playing area.

OAK outdoor LED hockey rink lights with optical lighting systems specifically designed for hockey rinks by using LED technologies. Hockey rink lights in-build anti-glare system to illuminate the playing surface for providing optimal visibility for players, officials, and spectators.


Best lights for outdoor hockey rink are favored for their energy efficiency, longevity, and ability to provide enough brightness and focused illumination. Our LED hockey rink lights has optional beam angle for poles and are placed around the rink to ensure well-distributed lighting and achieve highest lighting uniformity, reducing shadows and enhancing visibility during games.

Products Detailes:

Outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights

  • Using Original CREE LED Chips from USA, Meanwell Driver adapted.

  • High luminous efficicency 170lm/w, AC 90-305V or 27-480V input.

  • TIR optical PC lens, 15, 25, 40, 60, 90, 120 degree beam angle selectable.

  • Maximum ground lighting efficiency, focusing light to the place required.

  • High tech thermal management system, 30% higher hear dissipation efficiency.

  • In-build anti-glare system for players and spectators.

  • Oxydation treatment for aluminum housing & heat sink, anti-fade and anti-corrosion.

  • 500W can replace 1500W~2000W MH/HPS lamps directly, up to 70% energy saving.

  • PWM, DMX, DALI dimming system available.

  • 100,000 hours lifetime, 5 years warranty.

Projects Reference:

Outdoor LED hocket rink lights for outdoor and indoor rinks lighting, with our customized DIAlux lighting simulation according to the size, lighting level requests, and electrical requests.

hockey lights (1)

Products Parameters:

MN Power

Beam Angle



OAK-FL-100W-Smart 100 318x255x70 170lm/w

15, 25, 40,
60, 90, 120



OAK-FL-150W-Smart 150 318x320x70
OAK-FL-200W-Smart 200 418x320x70
OAK-FL-300W-Smart 300 468x436x70
OAK-FL-400W-Smart 400 568x436x70
OAK-FL-500W-Smart 500 568x501x70
OAK-FL-600W-Smart 600 568x566x70
OAK-FL-720W-Smart 720 668x566x70
OAK-FL-800W-Smart 800 668x631x70
OAK-FL-1000W-Smart 1000 718x696x70



How much do ice hockey rink lighting cost?

The cost of hockey rink lighting can vary based on several factors, including the type of lighting system, the size of the rink, and any additional features or specifications. Generally, the cost can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Traditional metal halide or fluorescent lighting systems may be less expensive but will have higher operational costs due to energy consumption and maintenance. LED lighting systems with higher lighting efficiency, while typically more expensive initially, tend to be more energy-efficient and have lower maintenance costs over time.

What type of lighting system are used in hockey rinks?

Hockey rinks typically use a combination of lighting systems to ensure adequate illumination for players, officials, and spectators. The primary types of lighting used in hockey rinks are: Metal Halide, outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights, LED High Bay (UFO)lights for indoor rinks, LED flood lights for outdoor rinks.

Choosing best lights for outdoor hockey rink, such as energy efficiency, maintenance costs, andvarious lighting level of rinks for players and spectators. Many lighting fixtures are transitioning to LED lights due to energy savings and technological advancements. Additionally, precise lighting design is crucial to ensure high illumination level across the entire playing area, minimizing shadows and providing optimal visibility for players.

Replacing Metal Halide lamps with OAK outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights:

we have been providing LED hockey rink lights from 100W to 1000W for lighting fixtures replacement according to your rink size and lighting level required. You can consult us directly for DIAlux lighting simulation or refer to below replacement guide:

  • 100W~200W outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights replaces 300W~600W Metal Halide lamps.

  • 200W~300W outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights replaces 600W~1000W Metal Halide Lamps.

  • 300W~400W outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights replaces 800W~1200W Metal Halide Lamps.

  • 400W~500W outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights replaces 1000W~1500W Metal Halide Lamps.

  • 600W~720W outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights replaces 1500W~2000W Metal Halide Lamps.

  • 720W~1000W outdoor LED Hockey Rink Lights replaces >2000W Metal Halide lamps.

Lighting level standards for hockey rinks:

Level No. Competition Level Illuminance Level CRI CCT


Entertainment & Amatrur Training
300lux >70 4000K


Amateur Competition 500lux >70 4000K


Professional Competition 750lux >70 4000K


TV Broadcast Domestic Competition 1000lux >80 5000K


TV Broadcast International Competition 1500lux
>80 5000K


HDTV Broadcast Competition 2000lux >80 5000K

How to make lighting design and layout for hockey rinks?

We(OAK LED) will do DIAlux lighting simulation according to the size of your hockey rinks, and comply to lighting level required. Choosing our best lights for outdoor hockey rinks as well as indoor in our simulation. Making the proper layout of lighting fixtures, likes 6/8 poles design for outdoor rinks, ceilling mouting for indoor rinks, and choosing optimal beam angle by considering mounting height. Please feel free to consult us if your have any needs.

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